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About Kaivalyananda

Kaivalyananda (formerly Cameron MacInnes) is an in-demand, highly-qualified International Yoga Teacher and Reiki Master from Scotland, and one of the world’s leading exponents of Prana Kriya Yoga, who is passionate about helping others experience deep personal transformation through yoga and energy healing.

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Client Testimonials

  • Cameron and his teachings of Prana Kriya Yoga arrived at a point when I knew that I had to change something in my life. Issues such as fear of flying, heart rhythm disorders, dysplasia, anxiety, and sleep and digestive disorders started to disable me. Cameron makes you understand the real, rich world of yoga. It is not only about physical activity. Each component: Prana Kriya Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Asanas are a part of a whole which acts on our inner body and soul. It reveals consciousness of the present moment, of our muscles, bones, nerves and our mental cravings. Regular Prana Kriya Yoga practice brings great benefits to my life. I am more focused, flexible, aware and awake. I have more harmony and peace, with a strong positive energy. My body gets rid of toxins, I breathe better and feel healthier and younger. Now I can even fly with no anxiety. Cameron is a wonderful instructor, deeply involved with each person, concerned by everyone’s progress, mixing discipline and humour to make us evolve and outperform ourselves.

    Marie, Marbella, Spain
  • Cameron is an exceptional yoga instructor and a wonderful friend. His classes and workshops are always unique, challenging and energizing. If you decide to attend, do expect to come to a safe and nurturing environment. In the past few months I can confidently say that my body has become more flexible and strong due to consistently attending his classes.

    Rana, Amman, Jordan
  • I reached out to Cameron during a very challenging period of my life – long accumulated stress had impacted on my health; anxiety affected my daily life, my ability to work and to take care of my family. After trying several medical options that provided only short-term relief, I talked to Cameron and he was very confident and positive that yoga practice and Reiki healing will help and improve my overall well-being. I felt his super strong and positive energy from our first encounter – I felt welcomed, understood and at ease. His dedication to yoga and helping others, his calm nature and positive attitude were excellent motivators for me! I became a regular at his classes and workshops, combined with individual sessions. I started to feel changes very soon after my initial sessions. After several months, I returned to my normal weight, and today I feel more healthy and energetic. At the same time, my mind is balanced, calm and optimistic. I am not afraid of any future challenges. Cameron is my “safe place” and the guru that I try to visit regularly in order to re-charge my energy. Also, my daughter joined the yoga classes recently and this is becoming our special mother-daughter activity and a family lifestyle that we intend to maintain in the future. Thank you, Cameron, for being here and changing our lives for the better!

    Sanja, Amman, Jordan
  • Cameron is a charismatic young man who has a profound knowledge and understanding of all aspects of yoga. This coupled with his outstanding ability to share his enthusiasm and commitment in a calm, quiet unassuming manner makes him an exceptional teacher. I have attended all his “Yoga Days” held in Ayrshire, Scotland, and always leave exhilarated, energised and relaxed, having learned something to help me improve my practice.

    Ann, Symington, Scotland
  • I first attended one of Cameron’s classes at a yoga retreat. I knew then that if I stayed and practiced with Cameron, my yoga practice would be greatly enhanced. After 3 workshops, I have noticed not only a huge difference physically, but also mentally and spiritually. Cameron’s teaching has affected me on a profound, deep level. His gentleness with precision, coupled with a wonderful sense of fun and humour has transformed my practice. Because of his instruction and guidance, I have developed a deep love for yoga. Cameron is not only a transformative instructor, he is also a gem with a beautiful heart and soul. I am truly blessed to have him in my life.

    Michelle, Amman, Jordan
  • I have been practising yoga for many years in 4 different countries. I had heard about Cameron a couple of times but had never joined his classes as I thought, as often happens, it’s just another yoga teacher… Finally, a friend took me his class where it felt like a community of yogis – everyone was very friendly which helps to feel more comfortable on your first session (in case you are shy). I loved the precision of postures – during the class he would go around and adjust the alignment of everyone’s posture. After the first class, I decided to go every day and discovered something new about my body and yoga postures as well as a sense of calmness. One thing that I had always struggled with in other teachers’ classes was that I had often been told that I should avoid certain poses because I have an elbow hyperextension; one of them was the famous side plank. So, because in years past I had been either told not to do it, that often demotivated me. When I was in Cameron’s class and we went to the side plank, I just sat and watched the others and said firmly that “I’m not allowed to do that”. Cameron very calmly and professionally said that there is no pose that cannot be done and he proceeded to show me how to do it safely with my personal circumstance – such was the case for the girl next to me who had the same issue. So, there I was doing the side plank and since that moment I do it every single day just to give myself a smile in the morning. Now, I have started teaching yoga for kids and will soon embark on a yoga teacher training for adults in India. Such is the influence Cameron has had on my life. I thank him and his good will to make a positive change in people’s lives and to make a better world.

    Daniela, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
  • I’ve been practising yoga with Cameron for almost 2 years and have made significant progress in my practice. Not only on a physical level but on a psychic and emotional level as well. When I first stepped into Cameron’s class, I had been under a lot of stress but I soon found myself feeling more balanced and stronger. Cameron knows where to gently push you. His workshops are amazing as you can always discover something new about yoga (and yourself as well) which you can then use in your personal practice. Alongside yoga, I must also mention that Cameron is an accomplished healer as he helped me overcome various bodily pains, tension and misalignment very quickly.

    Lilly, Amman, Jordan
  • Cameron’s winter 2017 retreat in Goa was the best experience I ever had in my whole life.

    Suzana, Amman, Jordan
  • Yoga was never my thing until one day my Pilates instructor mentioned Cameron to me. It took months of hearing about his amazing classes until one day I finally decided to give it a shot, and what an experience that was. I was a total novice thrown into a three-hour workshop. I was amazed at how professional, organised and at the same time very attentive Cameron was, so young yet extremely wise. I was totally blown away and since then I have been Cameron’s loyal student. As for his retreats, they are definitely life changing, especially the Wadi Rum desert one – it was simply magical. I am so grateful that we have such an amazing teacher in our country Jordan. Namaste.

    Manal, Amman, Jordan
  • Cameron pushes you past the barriers you’ve created in your mind. The limitations you have created for yourself are tested and challenged in his classes, as he offers a safe space for exploration of the body and the mind. His strong and direct style of teaching leaves no room for laziness and self-pity, opening doors for self-discipline and confidence.

    Bilal & Rana, Amman, Jordan
  • I have attended Cameron’s workshops in Scotland for the last two years and l can honestly say they have transformed the way I practice and teach yoga. He creates a wonderful atmosphere in the room and his knowledge and enthusiasm shine through. After each event, I have come home feeling full of energy and with lots of new ideas to pass on to my classes. I have also had several healings and recently a one to one yoga lesson, which I cannot recommend highly enough! Thank you Cameron!

    Alison, Symington, Scotland
  • There is a yogic proverb which says that we are born with a pre-determined number of breaths. When we cry, get angry or suffer anxiety, we spend more of those than necessary. After a complicated period in my life, destiny put Cameron on my path. He transmitted part of his knowledge and energy to me. He showed me how to get to know what is inside me, to feel how energy flows through me and how to control it. He achieved equilibrium. Tranquility. Wellbeing. A sensation of indescribable inner peace. I can only dedicate one word to him; thanks. This experience has helped me to overcome my fears and insecurities, making me feel special. I have grown spiritually and emotionally, and he has lit up my path. Without any doubt, Cameron has marked a turning point for me. There was a before and an after. A promising future full of happiness. Thank you Cameron. Namaste.

    Gemma, Ponferrada, Spain
  • It was during a yoga workshop that I first met Cameron.  Suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis and Polymyalgia Rheumatica I was a little apprehensive as to whether I could cope with a 4-hour workshop.  I needn’t have been concerned.  Cameron organised and delivered a well thought-out half-day session, sensitively embracing all the levels of ability presented. Towards the end of the workshop Cameron introduced easy-to-remember physical coping strategy techniques, as well as a ‘healing’.  It was his engagement with and sensitivity to this diverse group that greatly impressed me, and although doubting the efficacy of ‘healing’, made me cast aside judgment, and decide to give it a go. Cameron’s welcoming, professional, non-judgemental attitude was evident during the consultation and this quickly put me at ease.  He demonstrated great listening skills and empathy. The non-touch healing therapy was beautiful and powerful.  I left Cameron feeling extremely relaxed and uplifted.  I have normal allopathic treatment and will continue to do so, but the benefits of Cameron’s therapy were nevertheless tangible, my pain was much reduced and at one stage completely free.  My scepticism was swept aside. I have had further sessions with Cameron with similar results.  Cameron is a serious and highly-committed practitioner, already with a great deal of experience.  His continued desire to learn, question and drive forward his chosen path is testimony to the genuine commitment he has towards both his clients and career.  I unreservedly recommend Cameron.

    K., Glasgow, Scotland
  • I recently did my first level of Reiki with Cameron. The results were amazing: I immediately felt that something very profound was changing inside me, I really could feel that I could connect to the energy, and this was very soothing and overwhelming at the same time. Slowly, I felt calmer, more powerful, and this influences all the aspects of my life. Cameron surely is very talented and is also an excellent teacher, making everything seem very simple. I strongly recommend this experience with Cameron.

    L., Paris, France