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Regular yoga classes: click here for Kaivalyananda’s classes in Marbella and Amman

Yoga workshops: click here

Yoga retreats: click here

Yoga trainings: click here

Healing sessions: click here to read testimonials. To discuss your particular case, contact Kaivalyananda for advice

Reiki trainings: click here to read testimonials. Click here for info on Reiki Level 1 training and here for Reiki Level 2 training

Yogic master cleanse of the intestines: click here for info

Yogic cleansing of the nasal passageways: contact Kaivalyananda for details

Private yoga: if you have a specific aspect of your yoga practice which you would like to work on such as strength, flexibility, how to access a specific posture, yoga for stress reduction and relaxation, or you require therapeutic support for healing, or are interested in learning yogic techniques for spiritual ascension, contact Kaivalyananda to arrange. Check out client testimonials by clicking here

Online instructional yoga videos: Kaivalyananda has five online instructional videos of approx one hour each available for purchase – gentle hatha, hip opening, backbending, strength & ashtanga vinyasa. Contact Kaivalyananda for details on how to purchase

Yoga Nidra for download: there is a powerful 38 minute yoga nidra meditation with Kaivalyananda’s voice available for purchase and download. Contact Kaivalyananda for details on how to purchase